Iyashi Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Healing In A Nourishing Environment

Schedule of Fees

Cosmetic Acupuncture 
Initial: $130
Standard: $110
This treatment is given in courses over a period of six weeks. The number of treatments will range from 5-12 treatments. Once treatment is complete, the effects usually last for several years.

Standard Acupuncture Sessions
Initial Consultation (Standard):     $110
Initial Consultation (Concession): $100

Follow Up (Standard):     $90
Follow Up (Concession): $80

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult Only: $50/$40 (Concession)

Aged Pensioners Herbal Consults are free

Childrens Laser Acupuncture: 
Initial: $45
Standard: $25

Labour Induction: $100 per session

Granulated Herbs: variable $20-50 per week  

Chinese Medicinal Pills: $10-$30 a box

Chinese Medicinal Cough Syrups: $16-18

Paediatric Granulated Herbs: $22.95 each